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Thread: Is it possible to skin the zoom bar?

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    Is it possible to skin the zoom bar?

    The question is all in the title "Is it possible to skin the zoom bar?" I realise this is probably more of a destinator thing but seeing as there is not a destinator forum I will post it here.


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    Ordinarily I would be insulted by your patronising tone, just because it says newbie under my name doesn’t mean I have never used a forum before. That said it seems I did neglect to search the forum before making a post (a cardinal sin on any forum)

    Please except my humble apologies oh mighty Enforcer Confusion Master.

    Seeing as you are on a mission to enlighten the intellectually challenger maybe you could use your 1337 forum searching skills on this taxing little number Command to Switch Skins

    Seriously thanks.

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    If you go down to the woods today, You're sure of
    psst, that thread is also just twelve down from the one you posted, hence the 'patronising tone'

    Oh! and if you had not been a newbie (note newbie not n00b) I wouldn't have let you off so lightly

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