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Thread: Reconnecting GPS problem

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    Reconnecting GPS problem

    (I didn't post this in the new0.90 BETA thread because older versions have the same problem)

    Is there a way to force Freedrive to search for the GPS receiver?

    Eversince I use Freedrive I sometimes have problems with reconnecting the GPS. I always use the same USB port (COM3) for my GPS receiver, but sometimes Freedrive won't see the GPS. (and thus won't update the location)
    When that happens I exit Freedrive and RR and run the GPS Info tool, it finds the GPS on com3 and I can start the GPS to test if it works, and it does. Then I close the GPS tool, I start Roadrunner & Freedrive and with a bit of luck (50/50) FD picks up the GPS and all works...
    In the FD Settings GPS is set to NMEA on COM3. But still it won't always reconnect, Am I doing something wrong ?

    This problem really sucks because it usually happens when I need the GPS most (driving to new customers for example) something bout murphy's law I guess

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    Thanks Enforcer, missed that one..

    I've found out about another option in that thread too:

    "Pressing the number of sats will reconnect the gps unit (handy when coming out of hibernation)"

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