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Thread: FD voices plz host!

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    Converting Voice files from .rar to .chk and .vif files

    Quote Originally Posted by Erwin View Post

    I've got a lot of voices and I'm looking for somebody who wants to host them so that I can share them with other peoples. All the voices together are 180MB, I think they can be made smaller because I ripped the voices out of the tomtom files and converted them to wav. After that I just copied the ini file from the Darthfather voice into the directory. I didn't check wich wav files are not used. I even haven't got time to check whether the voices work correct.

    Anyway here is my list:

    If somebody wants to host them please let me know. Size is 180MB


    EDIT: Here is the download link:
    Hey Erwin,

    Thanks for the free downloads mate, I dont know if it is just me being stupid but can someone help me out?

    When I save the files from the list, they are being saved as .rar files, does anyone know how to convert them to the necessary files for my TomTom ONE? I believe the files are .chk and .vif to be able to work on the TomTom ONE.

    Thanks in advanced guys, much appreciated

    Smidley <<

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    Are these files still available anywhere?

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