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Thread: The Competition!

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    The Competition!

    Just noticed that Ninja seems to have risen from the dead in the Map Monkey forum with encouraging news from Destinator. (Check it here).

    I dropped Map Monkey for the early releases of FreeDrive because I prefered the functionality and ability to mostly skin the application. I'm looking forward to the much anticipated feature rich fully skinnable FD 1.0 but am eager to know whether there has been any similar contact with Destinator?

    So CdR, Gobby, are you guys in contact with the Destinator fools? Sounds like they've finally figured there is some potential for the PC environment.

    Bring on TMC and the bug free PN SDK!

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    bollocks to destinator we want tomtom its so much better its unthinkable specialy with its full postcode support

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    Write something for TomTom then!

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    lol even if i did know how to write programs its impossible at the moment im just pointing out i wish tomtom would make something for the pc cos destinator is pants compared to it. Freedrive is lovely and freedrive + dest is probably the best around atm for my needs but everyone whos used tomtom knows that tomtom is far superior to what destinator can do.

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    MMmmm OK advantage been PN maps and TMC... perhaps Gobby and CDR can do the same for FD ?

    Its seems Powerlock have made a few CarPC deals recently - Centrafuse was another off the top of my head.


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