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Thread: new freedrive

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    new freedrive

    I tried running the new release on my M10000 with 512ram and it was horribly unresponsive and slow...

    Plus, it won't take previous skins, and I personally really dislike the new skin.... I can't stand it when buttons cover part of the map, it drives me crazy. There are so many distractions covering the map on the new version... but I would like to stay upgraded with the latest programing enhancements, is there any way to use previous skins, I like the 2nd skin with the speedometer...

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    Works fine with same config M10000 and 512M Ram !

    You can add :
    on top of Settings.ini

    Maybe a pb with your install ?

    No you can't use previous skin but some new skin are dispo on forum.

    Try Spaghetti's one or design your own.

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