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Thread: Speedcam alert idea

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    Speedcam alert idea

    Currently the only option is to set freedrive when to alert for a speedcam is to enter the distance.

    But wouldnt it be better to determine the distance in time (seconds) and your current speed. In that way you can enter '10 seconds'. 10 seconds translated to distance with 50 km/h will result in a range of 10 x (50 / 3.6) = 139 meters. But with 100 km/h it will result in double the range.

    This way of detecting speedcams in range will give more effective alerts. When you are driving in the city with a lot of speed cams, then you will only be alerted for cams in a close range. Also with a traffic jam or in front of a traffic-light cam, you will be alerted more effective.

    I think it isn't that hard to implement such thing

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    Perhaps a good idea but freedrive only use destinator possibilities and alerts are only with distance and not time.

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    I know, but camera alert is a freedrive addon right. So it determines the range (distance) by itselve with a parameter, so if you make the distance variable according to your speed it should be possible.

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    i think that is a very good idea!
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    I was thinking about something like that too...

    This should only be a few lines of code
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