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Thread: FreeDrive 2.0

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    Can I BETA?

    2005 Range Rover 4.4
    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Focus_Dan View Post
    I had major problems with CPU usage with the last version, even with the patch that was released.

    Is this fixed in 2.0?

    It could be down to the Hardware Acceleration settings for your graphics card. Turn it down a notch from fullly fast I said above

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    Hi again!

    I know I can be a real pain ut I have 2 more questions!!!

    First one, will it show POI's on the map... I know ages ago when I was using MM there was some addon that showed selected POI's as "signs" on the map... really nice feature if you want to see what Mc'Donalds you are passing by!
    The second one is a old one, I asked it before but I cant recall that I got any answers to it... Will FD2 be integrated with Freedom, it would be a dream come true if it pauses the music and so on when giving instructions, and if it could show some info on how far until the next turn somewhere in the "top-bar" or something like that...

    oh and BTW, u got a beta tester right here to... I drive something like 500km everyweek for work and I always use my carpc for navigation... and I promise I'll give it a nice section in my newsletter to all the Swedish carpc builders to...

    (posting any new screenshots we can enjoy soon... )
    Swedish site for CarPC's

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    Any of the D3 clones or even CF's D5.1 can be made to show POI icons already

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    Well, as always CDR has made a good product like FD1 even better, by the looks of it, with FD2.
    Nice to see that everything is coming along CDR and if you need any beta testers, we are here to serve.
    The road is long but we are getting there.

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    I liked FD1 but for some reason always ended up going back to MM, maybe this version will swing me round.
    Lez, more widely known as flez1966

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    We'll, if you have problems finding beta testers ( lol ) I'm up =)

    Quote Originally Posted by CdRsKull
    Its already far more advanced than freedrive was on the skinning side of things, you can have any label anywhere and any number of skins swappable with a single command, so if you want a skin for full screen, a skin for day and a skin for night, then it swaps then on the fly and takes less than a second :-)

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    yeah I'm in too if u need anyone

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    im in to be beta!

    IM IN, CDrSkull you really are the guru of the carPC world!

    beta tester for deffs. im uk and running the 2003 maps so will be in desperate need of an upgrade! thankyou

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