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Thread: how to make bigger visual prompt

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    how to make bigger visual prompt

    As shown in the pic how do I get it to display a longer prompt area right not it stops about 5/8 of the screen. I miss a lot of in " 500 yards" etc...

    I tried changing the skin.ini file it looks like I moved it to the left but I can not get it to display anymore on the right side of it.

    Any ideas what I am doing wrong?


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    Looking at your pic and the skin ini I am assuming that is the direction label

    this is what the default is in skin.ini

    direction =150,85,500,40,2,Arial Narrow:B,22,FFFFFF,00ff00

    I assume your picture is with your changed settings (which I assume you changed the first number to 50) so it's more to the left.

    Therefore increase the third number (500 in my example above) to say 700.

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