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Thread: FreeICE 1.7 Frontend Released....

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    Awesome FrontEnd, really stable and good looking.

    ALAS, I need support for imported playlists (m3u or wpl). I have a playlist folder that it is in sync with my playlist folder in my desktop, it would be awsome for FreeIce to load my playlists!

    Also, can't wait for a fully skinned HD radio support! It is a must!

    Congrats again for such a great work!

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    I just made up my first carpc. And found that FreeIce has the best looking.
    LOVE FreeIce!!!

    Now I have some questions after some days of using:

    1, I want to know how I can change the weather location to Los angeles California USA...

    2, Why FreeIce can't play RMVB files? or do I need some plugins or decodeder program?

    3, Is it able to switching the audio chanels when playing dual-chanel media files?

    4,how can I add an additional icon to the program? (Such as MSN Messenger)

    Thank you.

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    I know how to change the weather location now.
    but try to add rmvb to "supportedformats=" not success...
    Anyone know how?

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    Cool Keep it up!!!!

    I must say as tired of RR as i am it is very refreshing to see a front end that dosen't freeze up and crash several times a day... I've been running a carpc for many years and it seams as though the WMP frontends are much more stable. Keep working on this project it has lot's of potential. I especially like the scrolling icons, It would be cool to see some more of the scrolling effects simillar to the Iphone where you can just swipe the screen to change a page.
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