So I'm still trying to figure out how to get my steering wheels buttons to control FreeIce. It sounds simple I know but it ain't.
I can get Ibus codes just fine with Ibuscomm and ibuscomm can send key strokes just fine but FreeIce doesn't support key strokes yet but it does accept windows messages.

So I figured I could get Ibuscomm to send windows messages. The version I have says that it can (1.87) but I couldn't get it to work with FI.

So I thought I could use girder and intercept the key strokes that Ibuscomm is sending out and use girder to send WM or mouse clicks to FreeIce. Sounds simple. I configured girder, got it reading key strokes and executing commands in freeice but it won't recognize key strokes from ibuscomm!

So I'm stuck. I either need to figure out why ibuscomm won't send windows messages to freeice or why ibuscomm won't send key strokes to girder.

I would also like to send commands to my ibus but that's another story :P

ibusRR seems to have more functionality than ibuscomm but I don't use RR. I wish I could figure out how to use ibuRR with Freeice instead.