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Thread: FreeICE 2.0 Alpha 8.2 coming on the 28th October

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    FreeICE 2.0 Alpha 8.2 coming on the 28th October

    Just a little heads up..

    8.2 Alpha is ready and will be released this Friday on the 28th October. It comes with lots of bug fixes, DAB support (Venice5 Slave) and a brand new media browser. I will upload a video tonight of it in it's full glory :-)

    for now a picture will have to suffice...

    I think Alpha 8.2 marks a milestone within FreeICE and it's content. I do think it's now fully usable in the car and brings afew bits to the car that haven't been seen before.

    Alpha 8.2 [Changelog]
    - Fixed Delete track feature
    - Fixed FM Text not clearing when changing channels
    - Added Please wait message from settings screen whilst restarting

    Alpha 8.1 [Changelog]
    - Added new media browser (click the albumart)
    - Added Shuffle to remain on after track selection
    - Added hotkeys toggle in settings screen
    - Fixed resize error on running non standard sizes on colour change
    - Fixed Silabs / Cartft radio scan

    Alpha 8 [Changelog]
    - Added DAB Venice 5 Compatability (both DAB and FM)
    - Added Hotkeys
    - Added Online indicator (bit buggy at the moment it seems)
    - Added Weather to autoupdate every 5 minutes
    - Added ability to delete an item from the playlist (press and hold)
    - Added FreeICE restart only when needed from settings screen
    - Stopped the second of media you here if starting on radio
    - Fixed GPS App failure on restart from settings screen if already open
    - Fixed Radio Signal not being inline
    - Fixed Heading giving false readings when stationary (only updates if moving)
    - Completely changed the skin background translation, now they are independant
    - Clicking the Speed / Compass will take you to the nav screen
    - Clicking the trackname / Radio name will take you to the media / Radio screen (handy if on the nav screen)
    - Clicking the Album art on the audioplayer screen will take you to the browser
    - Clicking the logo will always take you back to the main screen menu

    More info soon...

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