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Thread: Guru .. Plugin pro needed

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    keep forgeting your on here now steve lol....
    i see your useing drop box like most of us coders and skinners do ,,,,,
    i have it set up here for me and el camino

    just wondering how far your willing to open your code,,, was sugesting a small team useing 1 dropbox link set by you ....

    as it seems mysel ,,el ,and enforcer are very happy to get stuck in of course i would say any changes to main source would have to be passed through you before migrateing to final release .....

    anyway just a thought

    already got swishmax open
    Riderunner / Genesis
    Plugin Breaker in test BassRR Plugin Player, Wifiman_NET
    New Home for Genesis & BassRR :adding to site ,, Hellfyre night
    Bassrr Beta Release :Version 1.3.7
    Movie_info Release :Version 3.1.0
    Wifiman_NET:Version 1.0.0

    Every Future, Needs A Beginning

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    Hi peeps.. I'm nearly done with the plugins now..will get something sorted once the kids are in bed.

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    ok guys...

    PM's sent with download link to source... .It's a half baked alpha 9. So please dont expect too much

    There are two provisos.

    1... Don't give out the source to anyone
    2... FreeICE will always be free.. any code that is given to FreeICE is available to the rest of the dev team.

    :-) Steve

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