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Thread: RELEASE - FreeICE v2 Alpha 9

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    RELEASE - FreeICE v2 Alpha 9

    Well FreeICE Alpha 9 has been released. :-)

    Grab it from

    Alpha 9 [changelog]
    - Added Weather screen
    - Added Plugin support
    - Added nighttime screensaver
    - Added start gps with FreeICE option in settings screen
    - Added Media browser now remembers previous paths
    - Moved all internet items into a plugin (resolves delay FreeICE was suffering whilst checking
    - Fixed lots of little bugs
    - Fixed route to home time, now working
    - Changes how FreeICE closes (might fix the vista compatability problem)
    - Changed the hibernation for Silabs radio (might fix reported problems)
    - Improved startup / close time

    Lots and Lots of additions coming over the next few versions :-)

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    Witnessing the evolution of possibly the next great Windows frontend

    Plugins changes everything for FreeIce. Once the plugin programmers jump on it I would expect to see near parity with Road Runner functionality.

    Keep up the good work.
    TruckPC - gutted, being used for test setup
    BoatPC - All in 1 in cuddy, N7 using VNC on dash, RR
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    This front end looks incredible. Excellent work. Is there a feature list somewhere? I'm just curious what kind of audio files it supports and if playlists are supported.

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    great work! if some important plugins will be available for freeice, i will definitely change from riderunner!

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