Alpha 1 Released

This just a Quick note to let you all know whats happening behind the scene's.

What you see here is just the concept of how GenesisPure will look , in Most part somethings may have to
Change due to limatations or not practical...

This is my 1st time dealing with flash, so this is not a over night thing , will take some time ,i'll be useing the format of Freeice as is now.

i'm just posting these images as a idea in progress and allowing all you guys to comment ,suggest ideas
this early in the coding ,,this way we can add easily add as I build the skin.
I'll will also be supporting Bass when that is also ready to go as well in time,Which will open alot of doors in your media entertainment.

The idea

Is to respect Steve's goal of clean, smooth and ease to use, most functions are hidden until called for,
i want to keep the screens clean as possiable ,with minamal graphic use, allowing the speed to not be hampered, also allows quick glance useage ,taking from a driving point of view, too many buttons ,labels makes it confuseing and mistakes to happen when trying to change something while driving.
not that you should be doing complicated actions while driving anyway lol...


Just drop the files into your skin folder , change the setting in your settings.ini


run FreeICE


in most scr's the top bar where the tag information is ,, if you tap this it will show the control buttons

miniplayer background art

in the GenesisPure folder you will see "Artistart" folder , here you can drop upto 3 images of your artist .
image name MUST match your Artist tag,,, with either 1,2 or 3 after the name,,
i have left ACDC images as a example

otherwise the skin is pretty much standard to default version just a different take on it ....

missing so far are


rememeber this is Alpha 1 ,,, go gentle
Things are subject to change,,,,,,86.0.html