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Thread: FreeICE alpha 13 Released

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    well this garmin after code fixs

    Name:  figarmin.jpg
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    settings.ini code

    gps=!CDP_FIELD_WND,D:\GarminMobilePC\Que.exe,0,45, 0,70
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    I see most of that line in the gps setting already...just missing the numbers behind it. I'll give that a go this morning to see how it works. Just for info purposes, my carpc is as follows:
    Core2Duo, 2.8GHz
    2GB ram
    32GB boot SSD
    320 data drive
    Asus Xonar sound

    - here are the results:
    Destinator with the freeICE supplied skin:

    By nst6563 at 2012-03-02

    Garmin - embeds nicely but stays on top and must close to get back to the main screen

    :edit: With some tinkering I was able to get it so that Garmin would hide behind FreeICE when the back button was pushed. Now it embeds nicely - it doesn't quite look like the pic you posted where it cuts off the useless section below the buttons...but good enough for prime use when I get the car back together.

    If I have time I'll mess with Destinator to see what's up with that also.
    Awesome frontend though...Great work. A VERY refreshing change to RR.
    By nst6563 at 2012-03-02
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    Where's the download link for alpha 13? I only see alpha 12 on the Download page. And I tried Alpha 12 on 2 different machines, FreeIce would not start on either.

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