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Thread: FreeICE Beta1 FYI

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    FreeICE Beta1 FYI

    well so far its going well

    alot of head aches but getting there ,,

    so far

    Fixed - Music databse fixed (issues with music path being on a network drive )
    Fixed - widget edit mode 100%
    Fixed - weather/flip clock temp label
    Fixed - plugins load procedure
    Fixed - GPS Parameters fixed
    Fixed - Resume music (needs testing for silabs and ads)
    Fixed - Visuals fullscr
    Fixed - opera and player controls ,, was fixed ,, but decided to make opera larger so now no controls
    Fixed - FreeICE installer
    Fixed - Database had wrong title name
    Fixed - Backrounds list images showing in logo screen
    Fixed - Bugs,,, bugs were still showing ,, even when set to false

    Added - Start up cmd line,, (so you can start a external app on fi start)
    Added - Start up volume level (sets vol to setting on freeice start)
    Added - new hotkeys function (exe found in fi root)
    Added - screen dimmer (found in settings)
    Added - Plugin manager ,, shows all pi's the skin supports ,, no plugins.xml in skin folder all pi's will load
    Added - 3d weather screen ,, very fancy
    Added - Document folder to fi root ,, this will eventually have a history.txt ,, and how to's as and when done
    Added - Debug setting

    anyway moving on ,,, just a FYI for you all ,,, steve is also testing the final files ,, as and when compiled ,,,
    and also working on a few other issues

    thank you for your patients
    Riderunner / Genesis
    Plugin Breaker in test BassRR Plugin Player, Wifiman_NET
    New Home for Genesis & BassRR :adding to site ,, Hellfyre night
    Bassrr Beta Release :Version 1.3.7
    Movie_info Release :Version 3.1.0
    Wifiman_NET:Version 1.0.0

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    Can't wait to give it a go.

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.

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