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Thread: FreeICE Website?

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    Yeah you're right all the DL links are dead. I actually got an email back from the author yesterday, he long lost the files. So it appears I'm S.o.l. I'm going to have to make my own it seems. Now if I can just find a guide I can get started. Thanks again for the quick help. Hey what's the best navigation to use(voice turn by turn) for centrafuse. I had copilot and it sucked, it was missing a road and I got lost. I even emailed them to update it and didn't get a reply.

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    The older versions used Destinator and they still have a plugin which will use the Maps, butthey may be out of date now, even if you can get hold of them. (it doers have good integration though)

    The newer version is ste up to use Sygic, again there is a plugin which has reasonable integration.

    There is also a third party plugin that uses the Mapfactor Navigator not sure how good the intgration is.

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