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Thread: Release: Freeway Ultra (Build 220, 4/5/08)

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    Arrow Release: Freeway Ultra (Build 220, 4/5/08)

    Hey, I said I would be back, and I am. Here is a small change based on the 0.7.219 decompiled source code. This is a partial release, so first setup the 219 version and get it working (as shown here), then replace the FreewayUltra.exe file with the one included in this post. Source code is also attached.


    ->GPS bug fix: GPS window now starts in the correct position.
    ->Start commands: Up to 5 start commands may now be used. Just add them to the "freeway.ini" file, and they will be run in order when the program starts. For example, to begin music playback, launch the gps program, and show the main screen:
    StartCommand1=spawn gps

    Please post any problems or suggestions.
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    Great work! It seems that there exist some parallel development is going on:
    Would be great to merge again onto one track.
    FreeDrive is now very nice implemented but the newest available maps are from 2004?

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