Freeway (CCFRU) is being actively developed as an open-source lightweight replacement for more chunky-feeling front ends. Freeway runs as a front-end for mplayer. This means that all the actual audio and video file handling is done by mplayer, a rock-solid and well-trusted media player, although it is never actually seen on-screen. Using mplayer as a sturdy backbone, Freeway supports many more audio and video file formats.

Here is a list of features Freeway has to offer:
- Media library with search and multiple playlist support
- Importing files from CD/USB drives
- DVD and other video format support
- Visualizations
- iGuidance and FreeDrive GPS integration
- Weather
- Movie listings
- Driving directions (GPS not necessary)
- Song ratings
- Extensive skinability

See the following screenshots and subsequent posts for more alpha/beta information and upcoming features. The skin in the following screenshots is a modified version of the Corvette skin.