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    Great Software

    Let me say that I've been playing with all the programs out there and on this laptop I have almost every frontend installed, after evaluating all of them I decided to go with road runner because it had everything that I wanted at the time, But this past weekend I finally got arround installing the computer into the car and of course runned into some problems, first the speed issue, running a via 10000 was a little tricky I developed a registry and got it down to 15 services on a normal windows xp pro sp2 install, anyways back to the speed issue, been using the carputer for the last couple of days bought more ram for the thing and still not happy with the speed and the icons on the skin that I have are too small and crowded, after reviewing all the other front ends again and ran into this one, let me say that it has all the basic functions needed and a little more, Congrats I my self a computer engineer said that If I couldn't find something that I liked I was gonna write something my self, but looks like im gonna see what I can do with this one....

    thanks great coding...

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    Thanks! This project's userbase is still pretty small, so please tell your friends. I know there are other people like you out there that are looking for something like this.

    Thanks again for your comments and for supporting Freeway

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