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Thread: Freeway on Win98?

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    Freeway on Win98?

    Does most of you use xp/xp lite and such, or is running it on a lighter os like windows 98 an interresting option?

    I've tried it now and see that stock 98se with the following works:
    Visual basic 6 runtimes
    Directx 8.1
    Flash player 9

    i'm sure that trying a 98lite-installation with only the required fies from above packages, we could have a pretty small and fast launching piece of software here!

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    I've tried running Freeway on ME, and it's not pretty. Let me know if 98 works for you.

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    regular 98 with the software listed above worked. i tried getting the mindows-installation (~30 mb) set up with drivers and directx, but that failed.. booted in 6 secs though. hehe

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