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Thread: New Skin: LargeIcons

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    Arrow New Skin: LargeIcons

    This is a skin I have been working on for my own use, but I will post it if people are interested. Features I do not use as often have been moved to the home screen or the system menu pages, freeing up a lot of space to make important buttons larger (music, video, gps, rew, play, fw). The icons are tweaked versions of free icons, many from the "icon-a-day" pack. There is also influence from windows media player 11. The blue question mark is for the system menu, and the date/time box is the home button.

    This is my first serious attempt at a skin, so let me know what you all think. There is still a lot of free space on the home screen, but I don't know what I'm going to use it for yet.

    Home screen 2:

    Music-Current Playlist:


    Most of the rest of the screens have similar layout to the "current playlist" screen. The entire skin is 90% complete.
    --------------Update 2/16/07-------------------

    I finally finished enough of this skin to release a first version. The only things not working are weather and movie theaters. If you find any other problems let me know.

    I am open to suggestions on this skin and will probably release an updated version sometime in the future based on the comments I get.


    -Extract to skins folder
    -In freeway.ini change: "skin=default" to "skin=WMP11Simple02"

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    I am not worried about any other skin. This is not a "clone" skin and will not be treated as such. That being said, the bottom buttons are already being switched over to match the skin better, so that will eliminate any similarities.

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    BUMP for new home screen shot. Looks a lot better this way I think...

    All screen shots now updated to cool blue glow instead of patented silver.

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    this is a mock-up of a different home screen. Is this one better?

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    post it i want it.

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    me too... me too!

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    Good work, keep it up!
    2002 Grand Am progress :
    [] - 80%
    ...complete setup, but still need to make the install cleaner

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