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Thread: Unoffical Plugin: Freeway Skin Swap

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    Arrow Unoffical Plugin: Freeway Skin Swap

    This handy little tool will allow you to quickly switch between two skins. Freeway is forcibly closed in the process, so playback will be stopped.

    +Unzip and place "Freeway Skin Swap.exe" in your Freeway Ultra folder.
    +Add the highlighted tags to your freeway.ini file:

    +Run "Freeway Skin Swap.exe" whenever you want to switch skins

    Source code is tiny so I will post it here if anyone wants it:
    ; Freeway Skin Swap.ahk
    ; AutoHotkey Version: 1.x
    ; Language:       English
    ; Platform:       Win9x/NT
    ; Author:         unlfrank
    Process, close, FreewayUltra.exe
    Process, close, mplayer.exe
    IniRead, AltSkinVar, freeway.ini, Global, AltSkin
    IniRead, SkinVar, freeway.ini, Global, Skin
    IniWrite, %AltSkinVar%, freeway.ini, Global, Skin
    IniWrite, %SkinVar%, freeway.ini, Global, AltSkin
    Sleep 1000
    Run FreewayUltra.exe

    File attached.
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    love it works great. any plans to make it so instead of it just changing to the AltSkin, that it brings up a list of all skins in the Skins folder and allows you to choose which skin to change to?
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