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Thread: Playing Video

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    Playing Video

    I know this is... Ignorant, but how can I get the video to display?

    I'm trying to play DIVX encoded .AVI files. I have the correct DIVX codex installed, as they will play in WMP. When I scroll over to the "video" secion, my list of videos is displayed. When i play one I do not see the video anywhere. On the right I can scroll between the track info, the album art, and visulation.

    What am I doing wrong? I'm sure its something simple.

    BTW, AWESOME player. I love the search feature. The video problem is the only thing stopping me from completely deleteing coyote media car off my computer.

    :edit: figured it out. Virus.

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    how did u get vivx's to show?
    i cant do it

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