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Thread: You people keep me busy :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marsupial
    just curious, frodo... what is the info you plan on sending to the girder, and how?

    I am curious as I would use this with my own LCD if possible. If there is a way to control the playlists as well with the LCD, that would rock.

    This is just great... I wasn't expecting a LCD support soon, but I like it!

    I haven't finalized all the info I will send, if you have any suggestions please let me know.

    As far as control from the LCD, that is a big project, so the answer is no at this point in time.

    (You will be able to send commands from girder to FP though, so some control could be had with keypads on some lcds)

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    I need no input from the LCD directly to frodoplayer, girder can take care of that.

    I would really like if there would be a lot of info available into girder: here what I would see a use for:

    *song title
    *song genre
    *current playlist title (playlist or artist or album or etc...)
    *playlist mode (all music, genre, playlist, etc...)

    Also usefull would be to see
    *the list of playlist in the selected mode
    *the list of songs in the selected playlist.
    most likely this should include currently selected to allow control for displayal.
    It could be great to configure the ammount of songs/playlist to send maximum.
    (e.g. 4 songs including currently selected - as in 4 line LCD)

    I would see with these a great way to be able to change mode, playlist, songs with only a LCD and a few buttons. This could be used for a secondary song selector in the backseat, or as part of an in-dash tool.

    but I do not know how you are communicating with the software, so I cannot help much so far.

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