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FP is good and there are a few things that might make it even better (to some users). Listed in no particular order:

1. Voice Navigation with integrated/seamless UI to video & music control
2. Voice control of music/video playback ("Play Metallica")
2. Auto Rip CD/DVD to media archive
3. Auto transfer of media from memory cards, USB Disks, Firewire to/from media archive
4. Integrated CD/DVD burning
5. Real-time traffic overlays on navigation
6. Real-time weather updates
7. Calendar, tasks, phone list, .... other PDA like functions
8. Location aware real-time content (concerts, sports, news, events, ...)
9. 100% open source so bugs can easily be found and fixed and new features can be more rapidly explored, tested, integrated. Published in Sourceforge.
10. Documentation of features, installation, configuration, and how to provide 'donations' to the developer(s).
11. Ability to dynamically enable/disable features via external hooks (i.e. disable video playback when car is in motion)
12. Ability to fire macros or otherwise control external sensors/actuators (relay control, ...)
13. OBD-II integration
14. War-driving / hotspot mapping support
15. FM and AM radio support with timeshifting and scheduled recording capability.
16. Vehicle maintenance tracking / reminders.
17. A partridge in a pear tree.

A lot of these can be accomplished by plugins when I finish the interface for it. The plugin system will be 100% open source.