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Thread: Album Art Display

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    Album Art Display

    I need a little help displaying the album art in FP.
    I copied the jpg file of the album art and named it the same as the mp3 file,except with ".jpg" added, but still no image.
    Could someone give me a step by step example of how to add album case I'm missing something?

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    Try naming it "folder.jpg" and place it in the folder with the mp3s. Also, you might want to embed the album art by using another app like Tag and Rename or something of the like.
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    I had ripped all of my CD's using WMP and it automatically makes a folder for the artist and then a subfolder for the album... each subfolder apparently has the album art for that album... when playing it in MediaEngine, it displays that piece of art... if there is no art for that album, it displays a default "MP3" image. I noticed that when I was using another folder with misc. MP3 tracks, it would do a slide show of whatever images were in that folder... not synced to the music. Of course, FP might be a little different. Hope I didn't confuse matters. TTYL!

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    3 ways of displaying art:

    1. Embed it into the file
    2. songname.mp3.jpg
    3. album.jpg in the same directory (will be configurable in 1.0.9)

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    if FP is based on WMP and WMP has the ability to find album art, is there any way that FP could do something similar or incorporate that ability into it?

    That is provided there is an active net connection and all. Y'know, have a wireless card on the car comp, drive up to a hotspot and bingo bango bongo, you can get your graphics..

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