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Thread: Display File Name instead of ID3 Tag?

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    Display File Name instead of ID3 Tag?


    Saw a request in feature requests Thread that someone asked for this as a feature request/suggestion. Is there currently no way to set FrodoPlayer to display the filename and not the ID3 tag?

    Thanks for the help...

    Frodo, excellent software by the way.

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    I have to 2nd this request. All of my .MP3s are nicely laid out in:

    Artist-->Album-->Song.mp3 format... When they get listed in the main frodoplayer display, a lot of the syntax gets jumbled because I don't have pretty tags setup for every album/song... I tried to use the Folder view to browse the songs but the double-clicking and trying to navigate up and down folders while driving down the road proves somewhat difficult.

    If the use of .id3 tags can be turned off, it think it would be a nice option for a few of us...
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    And I'll 1st it (after all I posted the feature request)

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    I just have a problem with the track numbers. All of my albums are in their own folder, so the main music folder is sorted by artist, then year, then album. Inside those folders i have artist-track number-title, but frodoplayer only displays the artist - title deal. So none of the albums are sorted how they are supposed to be played sadly. Perhaps i have not had enough adventures in the options menu.

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