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Thread: FP Feature Requests

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    LCD utilization

    Quote Originally Posted by Supermike
    Really though, I think if controls were transparent they would be useless in the daytime since the contrast on the popular (and affordable) LCD's is poor to unreadable in the daylight.
    When you have just two or three big semi-transparent buttons in known location of your screen you don't really need to see them well in order to operate.

    We can push it even farther - the player can go to 100% transparent mode. In this mode it uses four huge fully transparent buttons for operation: PREV, NEXT, RESTORE and lets say PAUSE. Each button takes the whole quarter of the entire screen. In this case you don't have to look at your LCD at all in order to locate needed control.

    Just image how cool it can be. Player is running in foreground and accepts user input, but instead of buttons we see underlying navigational application, or nice wallpaper of your desktop or slide show. When a new track begins the player switches into opaque for 5 seconds shows the track's details (with support of UNICODE not latin ID3 tags) and then becomes transparetn again.


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    My suggestion: One thing that I would like to see is for frodoplayer to remember the current song's genre, artist, dir etc. when switching between browse modes. In other words, I am listening to Metallica (in "All Music" mode ) and I decide I am in the mood for more Metal bands... I switch to Genre mode and it automatically brings up the Metal Genre. Don't know how hard this would be, but it could cut down on navigation.

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    I just thought of another feature and didnt see it on the list. I am planning on moving a USB port to the front of my car so I can have one of those USB pen drives. I would use it if say I was @ a friends and he had a album(s) or something else I wanted or vis versa, I could just put it on the usb drive and then plug it in. Well could you have a feature where u could select an album in FrodoPlayer and then hit a button or have a separate screen where it would move that album to a certain drive.

    I think this would be so kick *** that way if you wanted an album from a friend it wouldnt require you to write a new cd or have a network connection.
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    Hey frodo donít know I might have missed some thing but I was just looking at your list of things and thought that it would be really nice if you could go to like the menu screen and have a tab that said rip cd or something and you could rip a cd right to your music library without having to go to another program. That would be really nice!

    Sorry if this has already been talked about

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    Are u planning on any TV support in any of your releases I am getting an ati all in wonder and it would be nice if there was a way to watch tv like we do dvds in frodo player

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    I would like to see an option to hide the mouse cursor all the time as well as supress the little info boxes on mouse over. Would make it look better for people like me who don't use a mouse regularly.

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    If you want your mouse hidden constantly you can set this as your cursor in mouse properties.Right Click- and save as

    or you can try CursorHider

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    Quote Originally Posted by skippy_geek
    I hate to pile on one more request, but for my usage there are occasions when I want to listen to my newest music first. I know I could create a folder called new music and copy my new songs in there and then move them to their own folder when I get tired of them, ok, so I'm lazy.

    thanks for a great program!
    I second that always looking for songs i recently added.

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    Interlock Device for External APPS

    May I sugest ??

    What about a line in the apps.ini ?


    When the com signal is detected, FrodoPlayer would kill all windows with the defined titles, disable the external buttons and set focus back to FrodoPlayer and hit play.

    what do you think ??

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    Frodo? Any word on this?

    FP Feature Requests

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