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Thread: FP Feature Requests

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    Quote Originally Posted by frodobaggins
    You don't read the forum much in here do you ?
    No, not really. I don't get your point, but thanks for the input, I guess... I see you fixed some of those thigns in the upcoming 1,9 - mainly the video minimizing thing - thanks .

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    Say, now that the MediaPlayer 10 is released I saw that it has an equalizer included. Is it possible with this Version to control it ? I really miss the mixer equalizer options .

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    WMP9 also had an EQ, but since its a MicroSith product I would imagine Frodo is still not going to be able to access it.

    Thanks Bill Gates.

    Mind Scream out

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    I have not tried wmp10 yet, but I assume I still will have no access to the eq.
    Microsoft licensed the technology from someone else, and does not allow access
    to it in custom apps, only in skins.

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    Didn't read through everything, but here are some of my ideas (I did see that some were already mentioned)

    Wireless () <- led pic, red-yellow-green showing status of inet connection.

    Double Click on Song, context menu opens showing:
    -Add To Favs
    -Delete from hdd/database
    -Remove from Favs

    When AUDIO CD is inserted, it will rip to mp3s (or call a sep program to do it) Hardware hacking articles

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    frodo is it at all possible to have the day/night mode switch based on the month and day? for example if i were to give you the sunrise and sunset time for jan 1 through dec 31 in a comma delimited format or something like that, could frodoplayer use that information to switch from day mode to night mode? i did some reading and it doesn't seem that sunrise and sunset times change that much from year to year...maybe a minute or 2.

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    How About Destinator 3 support

    I have looked through the destinator 3 SDK and it looks nice. Tested the C client and it works but has drawbacks. I think that for a coder like you it shouldnt be too hard to make completely new interface for D3 or using the D2 look. The differences were listed in the SDK and also the command were explained. Sure hope youŽll get it under consideration.

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    My computer wont automatically go into hibernation/standby while fp is playing music(even though I have it set to 1 minute) I guess because it is accessing the HD. Any idea what it would take, or if it is possible, to let the computer automatically go into standby/hibernate?

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    Head Unit Controls

    I have my Head Unit configured to send commands through a serial port and would love to have a better way to control the player through that. I haven't worked at it a lot, but I may be able to script a sort of control as in "Playlists, Down, Down Down, Play".

    Really the only key command missing is something like a mapping Key 1->Playlist 1, Key 2-> Playlist 2, etc.

    Everything else works great, thanks for this great software.

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    Ok, If mixer ever becomes available (I know I know) It would be cool that when you go to the mixer portion of the screen it shows a wireframe of your car (you would really only need a wireframe of a car, suv, and truck) and you could then identify which speakers you want to change and how..

    Its early, sorry if that didn't make any sense. Hardware hacking articles

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