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Thread: Few questions

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    Few questions

    I decided to give frodoplayer a try a couple of days ago.. and man! I'm impressed, a lot of nice features.

    However, a few questions came up while I played around on the laptop. First off i wasnt able to to get a fullscreen vis at all, double clicking resulted in no feedback whatsoever. 2) When a video file is played it shows up in the vis window, which means i have to double click to get into fullscreen and out of it respectively. Is it possible to do auto full-screen on video play? Also, the one feature that I personally felt should be there, espeically for video is the same type of app that coyote implemented, where the pane popped up from the bottom for quick changes between files in video. Reason being, i have a big collection of music videos, and while it's more for show than real use, it's not very convenient to double 'tap' on the screen everytime to go to next video and than double tab again to get to fullscreen. Do you think something like this could be implemented?

    This could also benefit us down the road when you do integrated gps, while the minimode is a solution, personally i feel that it occupies the already precious space on our 7" screens.

    It probably seems that I'm asking you to convert frodoplayer to mediacar Which I imagine you wouldnt really want to do. But, coyote did make some very good design desicions in his app, no reason not to build on that.
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