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Thread: copyright protected CD

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    copyright protected CD


    I just bought newest beastie boys cd, I noticed that it has copyright protection, the actual cd audio file does not showed when i tried to read it with window explorer, but it can be read through windows media player and copy the audio files to *.wma.

    The problem is, I cannot play directly from cd player using frodoplayer, since frodoplayer could not find the audio file from the actual cd itself. Am I doin' something wrong?

    Thank You

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    There are always ways around Copyright Protections, "ripping DRM"
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    this is not copyright protection but a mixed mode cd, ie some of it is an audio cd and some of it is a data cd, if media player can play it then perhaps frodo can code a way to play it in frodoplayer? I know winamp dislikes mixed mode cds for the same reason, windows explorer will only read the data part and neglect the audio part.

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    /. posted news about this very CD a few days ago:

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