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Thread: Installing FP: How long did it take ya?

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    Installing FP: How long did it take ya?

    How long will the installation take me? One thing about ME, is that any moron can install it and have it working in a very short time....
    How long would it take the slightly above average computer user to get it running? (I may do this on my lunch break)

    So, how long did it take you guys, and what probs should I expect?


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    Once you have downloaded everything, it only takes a few minutes to install everything and then restart your computer. There is over 100mb of stuff to download thanks to the speech/language pack so you need a quick connection.

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    probably 5-10 minutes until it's fully ready, DB loaded, installed, and your choice of skin.
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    if you already have all the medias installed, only a few seconds. It uses standard library that a lot of people already have running, and not all this stuff is required to run.

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