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Thread: Music doesn't play

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    Music doesn't play

    I have just ibstalled FP 1.08.
    When I open it all seems ok but no music play.
    All looks like music is palying fine (visualizzation move, time move, scroll bar move,...) but i hear nothing. I can try to change song but still nothing.
    Vol in FP is ok (90%)
    I looked at the audio mixer and all is ok (vol to the right levels and no mute enabled).
    So i have done this test: Start pc, opened WMP and all was ok (i listen songs)..closed wmp, opened audio out....closed FP....reopen WMP and now no music out also from WMP.....

    What is wrong??????

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    You got me on that one. Never seen that before.
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    It will be done sometime in the next generation.
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