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Thread: Grey Screen when using Brushed Aluminum Skin?

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    Talking Grey Screen when using Brushed Aluminum Skin?

    I am a n00b to Frodoplayer, I've used some of the others but am new to this great product. I've downloaded the brushed aluminum skin for Frodoplayer (Nissan Logo one) and I downloaded it to the skin folder and made a directory and put that file into it. Although I think I just realized that I need to copy the entire folder from a working one and that skin file is just an addition or an overwrite to 1 file.

    lol I'm stupid and I answered my own question I think. I just need someone to let me know that I just came up with the correct logic. Thanks

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    You need to download the Brushed Aluminium skin in it's entirety (url=]Link[/url]), and then copy the files from the Nissan zip file, overwriting the files that are named the same.

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