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Thread: Volume changes to 100% when skipping songs???

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    The only thing that makes me suspicious is that it works fine in winamp and with windows media player. What is that all about then frodo?

    BTW the checkbox for it to start at 100% is not checked.

    Lanox what sound drivers are you using. I might have to revert to an earlier version as the the latest version i still have the problem
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    i had this same problem briefly while testing on my penium 4 based mobo desktop machine i resolved this issue by making sure everything was mapped to master volume. now i forget which other applications i had running i thing it was media car but cant be to sure i was testing many frontends to see wich i enjoyed useing the most. any way i think it was media car was mapped to wave while froddo was mapped to master volume, by mapping all applications installed to master i nolonger had the problem i think is what was going on was one app. was telling the wave vol. to be set at one spot and frodo was asking the main to go up to 100% every track change weather i was asking for the change or not. hope this helps
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