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Thread: my menu button doesn't work on my skin

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    I agree with RoyN, about the menu..
    The menu should only disappear only when something is being played (dvd, radio, mp3, etc.), but when the player is idle it should stay at the menu (if clicked on)..
    thats just what i think.

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    Frodo, in skin.ini or any other skin-specific config file, is there any workaround for this?

    If not I might be able to hack something that will press the menu button like every 5 seconds if there hasnt been any activity.... There is a way of polling the new player to know if it is playing, correct? It would be a completely unelegant solution, but I guess it would be a way...

    I'll wait for the new version and then I'll see...if it is easy please consider an option that disable the going back to the player screen...

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