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Thread: Need Help (stupid Question)

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    Need Help (stupid Question)

    [dave chapelle]Heeeeeelp![/dave chapelle]

    For some reason I cant get Frodoplayer to go full screen... I get a small bar of my desktop and then my start menu bar.. How do I make it take up the full screen?

    My Setup:
    winxp set at 800x600
    skin: Brushed metal 800x600 Hardware hacking articles

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    first of yaddyyaddy search yaddy yaddy yaddy already posted yaddy yaddy yad.

    Secondly disable the advaced screen controlls in the setup
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    thanks for your help, & I did search Hardware hacking articles

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    There are these things called "Stickies"

    One of them says "FAQ"
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