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Thread: Bug Reports (FP 1.09 Take 2)

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    Quote Originally Posted by samc
    Sorry if this is a repost.
    I happen to have the latest lilliput touch drivers which allows you to right-click by holding down on the screen for like 2-3 seconds. When I'm in mini-mode with frodo 1.09 your supposed to hold down a 2 count to get back to the main screen. You can get only up to a 1 count (task thing) with the lilliput drivers. So basically you can't get back into the main screen. Anyone else have this problem?
    -yes I put back the old driver's but then I loose the right click feature. I supposed one or the other right?
    You can change the settings for the liliput for longer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeH
    I have the same problem. In full screen mode, if you quickly double-click either Vol+ or Vol-, then switch back to normal (non-full screen) mode, you can see the vol% increasing or decreasing to it's limits (0% or 100%). This only happens in full screen. Seems as tho FP selects volume mode 1 instead of mode 2 if you quickly double click.
    I still havent found anything about this... Still noone else around that knows something about this?

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