I know you are not taking suggestions right now, so at this point nobody read this thread. The way my mind works, is I get a flush of ideas every now and then, and then forget them later.. So I am just going to use this for me right now..

*When in full screen mode, hold for x amt of clicks to add song to favorites/delete
*When in the main screen (or fullscreen playlist) the currenly playing song is in the middle of the song list, that way you can see what is coming up (and what was played) Currently the "current" song is at the very bottom.
*Netstumber plugin to send data to FP. (to change led pick when signal is detected)
*Way to handle music videos better.. Either have a seporate list for movies/music videos, or include MV with all music but tag them with an image or something, and have a way to filter...
*Make a way to have the full screen menu fade away after x secs? Like right now it stays up for 3-4 secs, can you make it so we can change it to our prefs?
*XM mode pipe Input to Vis? (Using Gforce Vis)