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Thread: Does frodo support SHN files?

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    Does frodo support SHN files?

    As the title states...shorten (SHN) files won't play in FP. A search didn't reveal a single incidence of "shn" - doesn't anybody else use shorten files?

    Anyway - I have added "shn" to the database file extensions section in FP1.09. The SHN files I have do not show up though? Why not?

    I have also used a SHN plugin for WMP10. Shorten files play successfully in WMP...I have also associated the shn extension with wmp...


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    Did you rebuild the database after you added the extension ?

    And what the hell is a shorten file ? !
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    Oh duh...yeah I just need to rebuild I think...thank Frodo

    shorten files are lossless audio compression - 1/2 the size of the WAV file.

    I use SHN to compress and share music that I have bootleged (recorded on my own at concerts).

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