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Thread: Unicode Sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by judoGTI
    Umm I forget, its double whatever the norm is.... a double-byte environment. PITA if you ask me, always has been
    That's why Frorodo always shows only the first half of song titles with asian characters in them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frodobaggins
    Well looks like I may be dropping a few hundred bucks to fix these
    why is that?
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    That's why I hate unicode. The UNICODE_STRING.Length is in bytes, while the characters are 2 bytes, plus that doesn't include the null terminator. So for example, a string of 4 characters with have a length of 8. So it's easy to make mistakes, like converting from unicode requires Length / 2 + 1, and converting to it requires length * 2. Fun.

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    ....wish I can be of some help..sux that i dun even know wat u guys talking about...

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    Quote Originally Posted by walay
    ....wish I can be of some help..sux that i dun even know wat u guys talking about...
    Well if you cary the 1, divide by 4 and, mulitply by the cos of 3.22 and subtract the square root of 34, you'll figure out that there talking about. Oh, donít forget to add the day of the month or you'll suffer the consequences of Compound Interest.....

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    Use a suitable abstraction for the string type and the underlying implementation issues should become irrelevant. The issues you're having likely aren't related to Windows nor Unicode but rather your software development environment, language, or just your code. :}

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