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Thread: Frodoplayer standalone projekt?

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    MADD props to Fodo and his player.. but it is not the 'raison d'ętre'. My car pc will be required to run other applications. Applications that will require today's technology in the form of hardware and Operating System.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gospeed.racer
    How compatible is Frodoplayer with 98? I thought I remembered some issues? Maybe I am thinking of one of the other Front Ends?
    I don't honestly know.
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    It will be done sometime in the next generation.
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    I think the main requirement would be Windows Media Player 9.
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    plus the .net framework, and there are pleanty of other dependancies
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    I think the start point should be win2k for further improvements of frodoplayer in the further

    the mini pwin98 (chinese version) is about 11M in size now BUT it do NOT have IE and internet surport included!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deepgear

    before talking on like "ohoh, xp would be so wonderfull......"

    When we reduce Xp to a filesize of 100m(the smallest we can get) all the funktions you expected of XP are LOST. No usb Hdd support, no themes, no tools.
    The only differences between a 10mb 98 and a 100mb XP are:
    -the SIZE (NO 32mb Card support)
    - XP is kernel based, so there is a smaller possibillity of a bluescreen, but a nano98 dont answer a bad question with a bluescreen, i tried. Its very stable

    So please please, only say something abot Xp, when you really used a small version of it. I DID !!
    even at 300 mb who cares? you can buy a 512 mb card for under $65 shipped
    I have seen people on this board get XP down to 400MB-450MB EASILY and still meet all of their needs. For the cost and the fact that 98 is outdated I honestly dont think that just because its 10MB its a viable solution when the higher capacity cards aren't cost prohibitive.

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    The only advantage i see so far is significantly reduced boot times... but the problem is.. most of use our car pc's for more than just frodoplayer...

    I use it for email and internet as well... and I definitely need some XP functionality.. not to mention the stability vs Windows (reboot) 98 (times)

    besides a lot of us use bluetooth and phonecontrol too
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    Quote Originally Posted by frodobaggins
    I don't honestly know.
    I just got it running last night after a few hours of work. I installed gdi+, wmp 7.1, and the distributable version of directx 9.0 on top of 98lite "chubby". I believe I could have gotten away with less than that, but it started out as an attempt to get MediaEngine working and morphed to FrodoPlayer after I got frustrated with getting Media Engine to work.

    The point is that it is possible to get FrodoPlayer to work on a stripped down version of windows 98. I don't know how stable it is yet, but usually less OS bloat makes a more stable platform.


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    my worries wouldn't be with Win98 VS frodoplayer compatibility, but for Win98 VS driver and new hardware compatibility...

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    Sry, but I think the Idea to get a support in this Forum was not right.
    On myselfe I have no way to do all the work, creating an CarpcOs Frodobased, so there is more or less no sense on this Thread.

    To get an ending:
    My thought was, to create a CarPc os, Small, simple and stable.

    Why?? -Because so many people are asking for a linux carpc solution, but they want to use window applications like frodo or destinator.
    They also have driverproblems with linux.
    So I liked to give everybody, I mean everybody a chance to configure a carpc without difficult OS and driver installation, linux-like.

    At this point I give it up, sry, especially for the people, searching for a one-klick-solution/linux-solution


    ----Frodo, please closethis thread, thx-----

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