MediaEngine long time user, Frodo Player first time user, after I got it installed, playing around for couple hrs. I have to say what a program, WOW! I like it a lot, especially with one skin created Liquid Smoke. After saying that, I have couple questions for Mr. Frodo.

1. Is there a button on the main menu that allows us to add individual song to favorites or playlist? Cruising along lots album, spot a good song, hit that button for later use, personally I think it is the fastest way to build a playlist, not all songs in album are good.

2. Is there a way to make Frodo Player continue to play songs while I am browsing other albums or directory? Sometimes I let it plays songs in X album and I was browsing another album on the screen, after it is done play that song in X album, then it automatically start playing the current album on the screen, but I am not ready to change yet.

3. Is there a way to make Frodo Player to show the Album or Directory of that song playing after when u closed and restart the program? Sometimes I have no idea where that song playing from.

4. How do I change the songs text color?

Well Mr. Frodo, thatís all I can come up for now, if I am out of line, then u can ***** slap me if u want. The Frodo Player is good as it is, and I can adapt.
Thank You Mr. Frodo for the great program and Liquid Smoke for the great skin.