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Thread: Frodo Installer (INNO) question

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    Frodo Installer (INNO) question

    Frodo, I have a question about the installer.
    Right now i'm developing an unattended installation, and of course all the required components for Frodoplayer and of course the program itself are being installed. Of course other applications will be able to be installed after the unattended installation. (Had to do this cause everyone was asking me to help re-install there pc!! And i hate to do this twice a week!!) So i decided to automate a complete winxp with all it's features, programs, registry hacks and tons of loads...

    But there is a problem which i can't solve.. I start the install script like this:
    "%cdrom%\\Install\\Apps\\FrodoPlayer\\fp109set up-take3.exe /SILENT /qn"

    It's allready reported as a bug but during install there is a popup:
    An error occured while trying .... Flash.ocx.
    It seems that i can't rename or delete the file because it's being used..

    Is there anyway i can resolve this item?

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    I'll fix it in Take 4.

    Unless you want to repackage it yourself, there is no way for now.

    I can post the inno setup script for you when I get back from vacation
    if that's what you want to do.

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    I think I wait to the next take! I also asked it my collegaes, who do this for a job, but it's not possble unless you take a snapshot.. Thanxs anyway m8!

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