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Thread: can't hide cursor

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    can't hide cursor

    It was working fine for quite soemtime - then the other day I did a few things all at once so Im not sure which one could have screwed it up.

    I added some Vis's for WMP

    I hooked up a KB and mouse for the first time (USB)
    and I hooked up a gaming controller and installed the drivers (USB) even if I change it in the FP options I can NOT get my mouse pointer to hide.

    I have even gone into the FP.ini and edited it manually and it still shows my mouse pointer on top of FP

    ...some might consider it small ...but it drives me nuts ,plus I think it really takes away from the "professional" look having a lil pointer sit there on your volume up button.

    - now I got these cool Vis , but I cant watch them the way they are meant to be viewed due to this stupid cursor

    .......anyway ...any ideas ? ...not including search
    2002 Suzuki Aerio Sedan ...NOT the stupid wagon

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    I have had that on my carputer but itonly happens after hibernation.
    Goto the mouse settings in explorer, and see if there is an option for your new usb mouse to ALWAY display...hope it works
    much luck,
    Yunus Abramov
    Dice Technology Inc.
    DICE Los Angeles

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    thanks I'll give it a try, and just for the record Im not hibernating, im shutting down

    I understand your point I only wanted to point it out to others who might reply
    2002 Suzuki Aerio Sedan ...NOT the stupid wagon

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