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Thread: unhidding PhoneControl from FrodoPlayer

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    unhidding PhoneControl from FrodoPlayer

    I take the example remote program for cotrol The PhoneControl from another application, then i modified it for connect and show phonecontrol automatically when run the application.

    I wont it for execute PhoneControl in mode hidden and without unhidden button at windows start, and from a button of frodoplayer i can launch my aplication and show the phone control. This way make the two applications more integrated.

    Excuse my english and thanks for the forum.
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    Very good work dude!!! Could you please modify it a little so that if phone control is not running, it would lauch it. if it's already running in the background then show phone control?

    that's would be awesome

    In the meantime, for others who already using this, Simply add phone control in the apps lauch area if you have one

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