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Thread: Making my own skin - Preview Inside

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    Making my own skin - Preview Inside

    Well the skin I am planning to make is based of Liquid Smoke. I try to get the most screen space so long files name can be display and yet in a big font size. That is why I chose one menu on the left side. I know there are couple features that I can’t do right now because there are not allow in Frodo Player. So I wish Mr. Frodo himself take this in his next released. In the mean time, we have to live of what we got.

    I am not Photoshop guru, so i did all this in autocad
    Comments are welcome….
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    some more here
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    holy cow, dude. That has an "industrial" look to it. Kinda like the software I used to use when I was working in a papermill during my summers off in college, controlling machinery.

    funky - not my style, but everyone has a different style. Thats why skinning is so cool. good job
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    Autocad... amazing!

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    bottom buttons are out of sync on the full screen DVD, but everything else looks good. I can see this as an excellent skin for an old hummer.

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    FYI, i just used autocad to chicken scratch a layout real quick. i will try learn how to photoshop for final take, but now i still waiting for some new features to be added in frodo player.

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