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Thread: FP support best for which XM units?

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    FP support best for which XM units?

    I have an XMpcr Toslink in my CarPC and thought it'd be the best thing I could get since I also got an Audigy 2NX with Toslink input and everything would be great. Well,,,, the stupid 2NX only passes stereo out to my front pair of the 5.1 system and does no sound processing so it's pretty worthless to me. I'm thinking of putting the XMpcr in the house and getting something else for the car. I can run line-in thru WMP processing with the linein plugin.

    First big question is "what units does FP support?" I know it does XMpcr, but what about directPCR, XMdirect, etc.? Among all these, does anyone know how sound quality differs?

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    It fully supports both the XMDirect and XMPcr.
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