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Thread: Playlists 101

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    Playlists 101

    So instead of the smart playlists, I thought it was possible to just put playlists into the Playlists folder in C:\Program Files\Frodoplayer\Playlists

    I made my playlists through Windows Media Player and put the file in there. I restarted Frodo and my computer and don't see my playlist file there. I'm using Feb's Metal skin and choose the Playlists category and see nothing. What exactly am I doing wrong or do I have to use Smart Playlists?

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    FrodoPlayer does not support wmp playlists.
    Only FP Playlists(FPP,SFPP), and Winamp Playlists(M3U,PLS)
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    Sweet thanks Frodo. You really are the man!

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